Detroit Stockholm is a studio collective and artist-run gallery for artists from various disciplines. Founded more than a decade ago and is today run by its 23 international members. Our members work with performance, installation, textile, film, painting and more. Our core values have always been to provide affordable art spaces, with the gallery as a free platform to explore ideas. As a complement to our members' exhibitions, we also invite local and international artists to share their art, projects and workshops. Detroit Stockholm has included art exhibitions, music & art happenings to nomadic performance-art festivals.


Please see our current, upcoming and past exhibitions on our Instagram and our Facebook.

We have an extencive archive of past exhibitions from the pervious two decades, but it is at the moment being updated. Due to the update the archive is only available via request. Please contact us if you have questions.

Detroit Stockholm strives to be as accessible as possible to everyone. At the moment though it’s unfortunately not possible to enter the gallery with a wheelchair. Please contact us to make special arrangements for your visit. We welcome any suggestion on how to improve our accessibility.